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    Is the Game Dead?

    Why nobody Make the OLD NF with new graphics?

    Think is the best to Make Money with the game!

    WoWs is bad i think the gameplay from NF1 with better graphic is the best WAY.

    NF2 is also bad

    And i see no players on the server and the OLD Fleets have the NEW york and so why this ?

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    Because Chinese company which made original NF messed up with NF2, so a chances of a new NF game with updated graphics are next to none. Making a new NF game with WOWS out isn't gonna appeal a lot of people to play it unfortunately. WOWS isn't that bad. Low tiers are painful but once you get to tier 5 and more its getting better. Everyone who plays original Navy Field seems to have moved on Chinese server. But that one is unplayable for me due to the lag.

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