bok [Suggestion] Modify Gold\Royal packages of LB chars.
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    [Suggestion] Modify Gold\Royal packages of LB chars.

    Title says almost everything.
    In short: can GEEU please discuss with IMC the option to modify Royal\Gold packages of LB characters, to exclude divine recipes \ time ores, but include more important stuff- named artifacts,weap costumes and medals? Like char card+weap costume for Gold, and + medal and arti for Royal.
    This way:
    1) Medals and Artis becomes available for f2p players via market (you can`t buy medals or artis currently, but still able to buy gold\royal).
    2) Gold\Royal packs becomes more important. Paying players will get more profit from selling it, f2p players will want Gold\Royal over simple char card.
    3) Interest in Gold\Royal packages of older chars, which is sold with Lucky Letizia will be kept (currently ppl rarely interested in older stance rings as it`s often available on market for a reasonable price, and simple card is cheaper.

    Currently Divine weaps is not really expensive (at least recipes), often dropped separately in Lyndon boxes. Evil weaps are available even for newbies widely. No reason to keep Evil\Divine weaps as major feature of Gold Packs. As for royal... Current char`s Royal is important (as usually rings is rare thing, but after ~ a month, the rings drops in price, as players can get it from Stance Ring boxes and named ring boxes (Genos,Curan ,etc).

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    I wish they do but now they even exchanged the weapon costume placement with the medal., even f you're only interested in the medal you now have to spend for 150-200 lyndon boxes now. I guess it's because they plan to release the "cash" costumes in future events like with Sierra's atm. The only thing I'm waiting for is the costume packages with medals. it's still cash but its cheaper

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