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    cant play

    hello everyone writing here not in technical support as ther is barly few ppl that read that part of forum

    I have a problem i can start game updater works fine i press stat white screan apears music plays xtrap in tray works but white screan reamain for good 30s to 1 min and everything go off cant get to the log in screen at least cant see it i have java and flash installed drivers up to date same computer like bofore format no changes im using windows 10 game was running ok bofore i formated hard drive now with fresh instalation dont wanna work i downaloaded new instalation from official GEEU site so idk what else i could do what i did till now i will wiret under

    I installed
    - java
    - flash player
    - drivers are up to date
    - no antivirus at the moment installed
    - firewals default settings
    - i cleaned xtrap folder he downloaded something again after that
    - i runed game as admin
    - as well as with compatibility with all possible options starting from win xp straight up to win 8

    nothing works please help i even changed something about verions in one of the files so he downloaded update again
    i will add that i already instaled game like 2-3 times nothing helps....

    Please help ( and please dont say download game again as that is the last thing i thining of maybe some error in the install files which makes that game not working but instalation was without error so its 50/50 for me)

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    Dear mazarath,

    Please install chrome remote desktop and send ticket with the access info.
    We will check your computer directly.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    i would rather not give acccess to my computer to anyone so that way of fixing things is not for me if you have any other i would be happy to try it

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    I SOLVED the problem for now but one of the issues still remains

    Problem was my graphic card i have 2 one integrated intel some kind and one NVIDIA when i run the game on integrated it works when on NVIDIA it does not not sure what the problem is my quess is drivers but other games works and my NVIDIA experience aplication shows that drivers are up to date so idk maybe its somehting that you could look at in the future for now im ok with the problem game running ok on integrated so for me is ok

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    Dear mazarath,

    It's good news!!
    Please update your NVIDIA driver and try again later.


    Team EuroGameZ

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    To Mazarath,

    Go to your NVIDIA Control Panel and under 3D settings click the Manage 3D settings then at Global Settings change your preferred graphics processors to High Performance NVIDIA only!

    I notice my laptop act so weird and also got white screen on GE if my NVIDIA control panel got the Auto select on Global settings

    HOPE it helps

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