bok Having issue logging in game during weekend peak hours.
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    Having issue logging in game during weekend peak hours.

    Is the server having load issues? can't seem to stay in-game more than 5 minutes without disconnections or failing to connect on weekends during or near CB and CW times these past weeks and also has been very laggy during those times.
    Yesterday missed more than half of CB's duration and missed entire CW today coz can't connect nor if I successfully connect, just get stuck in loading screen or spawn in town but can't move and eventually gets disconnected and unable to log again for a long time.

    I don't think it's a network issue on my part since I can browse or stream normally, the problem also not only for game server, it includes forums, geeu main site also failing to load during these time. I try to ping and all request timed out.

    @GEEU can please look into it?

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    same, though I don't disconnect, it's very laggy for me during weekends >.<

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    Dear All,

    We got some report about last week's CB and CW was not that laggy and ok.

    Server side, there was no issue during weekend....

    We will check again and build up more monitoring this week!

    You can send ticket with your detailed situation and we will check your network related things.


    Team EuroGameZ

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    To EuroGamez,

    The CB is not laggy as before so THUMBS UP! at CW no comment cause SM don't participate at CW

    Anyway I'm pretty sure the server is acting a little different on weekends, cause some of my friends do get dc for unknown reason and me I also experience that last weekend.

    The game did drop me and I did wait like 10 mins before I can access the game again. But I notice on that 10 mins interval the game wont patch and also the GEEU web and Forum wont load! But other sites like you tube, Twitch and many more don't have any problem. Just the GEEU T_T

    So I guess it would be EU side.


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    CB gets real laggy when it comes to Auch/Rebold maps, during Coimbra fights the lag wasn't that awful.

    CW however, a certain few maps just start lagging like crazy when factions are trying to break the colony lol, to the point where the defenders can't skill anything, and the feso valkyries did all the job destroying colonies because they can't be destroyed unless skilled or the players logged out.

    I also experience pretty severe lag after the 1400 Server Time TDLS, where missions like HM Royal Road gets too freeze-ish that my other faction mates already dpsed the boss and I still am trying to buff.

    It'd be great if you can check during those specific time, thanks. (My network does totally fine regarding other games/video streaming, so it's probably not on my end.)
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    Yep mine starts early 13 up to 18~ server times (peak hours), what's frustrating is it's almost constantly happening to me now not just weekend, just yesterday just got tired disconnecting and reconnecting while doing Royal Road Missions and just turned off my pc lol. Like I stated on the first post and some who have posted having the same issue, the forums, main site and server wouldn't load, client will give revisionst.txt error too, while no problem in browsing other sites other than hosted by eurogamez . Speedtests, tests are fine, if this is not happening just to me (sea region, Jacc is USA region..) then it is really on the server's end where the issue resides.

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