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    stupid pig.....

    why does the golden pig event tell me I am missing days of attendance when I am logged into the game and playing every day, minus maint hours...

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    I can't claim my rewards! it pops up a windows saying <Some problems was while sending rewards, please try on later.>

    What a hell, i just logged in all these days and now can't claim it -- i'm trying to pick items from Day 20.

    I know it allows me to pick the item at 4 am server time, but that item is from the day before! Help me here cause i can't even send a ticket! it is totally bugged!

    I'm trying to claim: 10x Steroid Liquor + Custom Costume Weapon 30 Days 3x + SD Summoning Stone x1

    PLUS: It says I was absent for Tears of Sara x4

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    Is this the cry section of the forum?

    the attenance works only if you log into game from barracks. I got all my days so i think you just didnt play on that day ^^

    5.Attendance check is recognized only if you access the game play.

    About the other problems be a bit patience it even says:
    Some problems was while sending rewards, please try on later. Maybe its hard to understand the word late? anyways it works for me and with todays rewards it event tell you to wait ^^

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    No, event site realy work bad. "Some problems was while sending rewards, please try on later."

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    Dear All,

    We built up more security on this page and something error happen we think.
    Now we are checking and will be normal soon.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Dear All,

    Now it's fixed and normal now. Please try again and let us know if problems.


    Team EuroGameZ

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    Thank you ADMs, now i could retrieve the items.

    Dunno why stupid ppl still come here talk non-sense and don't help at all when more than 1 player has this problem.

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    Some peeps are just smart-asses. Glad it was fixed. thx for reporting.

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    1 strata devil armor for Spring Evevnt. Should be 3.

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