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    Download problem

    Hi, I'm having some trouble downloading the game. Option 1 (full package) and Option 2 start to downloading and after some time, like 5 or so, the download fails it self. Other problem that I can observe is that my download rate is quit lower than it actually is: I have 5mb/s download rate and is giving me 30~70kbps.

    Sorry for the bad english, thanks in advance. ^^

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    Dear Branco,

    Your internet speed is very slow.
    Please try to download again and we will try to find some ways.
    Where is your country and location?

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Hi. I'm from Brazil. My download speed is 5mb per sec, but when I'm dowloading the client it gives me 30~70kbps. But when I download other things, it goes up to 5mb.

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    I want to play it really good. T_T

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    Try using multithread download manager. Like IDM.
    It really helped me alot.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. Gonna try it right now. :}

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