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    IT's A PRANK BRUHH, anyway thanks, at least the many weeks of gathering mats wasn't put to waste .

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    Did not get full payout as well.


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    So people who crafted at feb gets FULL PAYOUT even when destoryed when enhanced. but those who craft on march only recieve item thats not broken. why 2 sided? Event val summon stone pls or material used. do we need to ticket to receive them? hahaha....

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    they did give the broken weapons too, dont know why they said they wont be added .
    either way all broke so sad life regardless

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    The usual "no reply" & "act blur" from the GM again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourFather View Post
    The usual "no reply" & "act blur" from the GM again.
    Well, they said that it`s currently impossible to get broken weaps into list.
    Sad, but i think it`s on the level where the info is already deleted from the servers, and it simply can`t be recovered. No matter how much QQ will be there- the only thing they can do is to take a better care next time.

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