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    [KGE] Niko, the last Paladin

    So, at the same time with April balance changes & Abyss Arma announce, new rare char is introduced.
    Niko, the last Paladin.
    Weapon Blunt OR Blunt+Shield
    Armor Metal,Leather
    Job Skill Retreatment: Reduced knockdown time, HP recovery, breaks MSPD limit, can`t use items.
    Stance: Retribution
    ATKSPD cap 20 (2 hits, single target). If shield is equipped - additional DR from shield apply, but ATK will be cut in half.
    Gameplay Niko stance have an "Aura" theme. In short - she`s choosing from 3 different buff, each of which can be stacked by Niko`s spacebar attacks( up to 50 lvls), and then proc`d by her skill to 10 allies near her.
    The buffs is:
    Intensify Aura: ATK+Crit+Monst.ATK+ATKSPD. Double ATK\Crit\SPD for Niko.
    Fortify Aura: Max.HP+DEF. Double MHP for Niko
    Aura: Penetration+Imm. Double both for Niko
    Role Tank, Buffer
    Stats STR:85
    Additional info: x1.5 spacebar until Intenfisy Aura buff (for Niko) reach lv50, x3 spacebar attack on lv50 Inten.Aura
    Low chance for [Stun] on 1st skill,
    100% PvP stun on 2nd one (none for PvE)
    Up to x5 skill damage for leveling up buffs.
    WIP currently.
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