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    Butler Grabber Event !!

    Butler Grabber Event !!

    Pioneer families~ Hello~
    I'm glad to inform you of Butler Grabber Event.
    ★ Period: 23.04.2019 after MT ~ 07.05.2019 before MT

    Be together with cute Grabber during the event!
    Then, you can enjoy the following buffs~

    ★ [Enhanced Grabber's Blessing]

    ATK to Monster +10%
    PEN +5, IMM +5
    DEF +10
    Critical +5
    Move SPD +10%
    Combat/ Stance EXP +30%
    Item Drop Rate +10%

    ★ And MORE~

    In a certain period of time after Butler Grabber is activated, Grabber will randomly drop one of following items in the field~~

    Item Name Quantity
    (Event)Sacred Character Card Box x1
    [Collection]Sacred Character Card Box x1
    (Event)[Innocentio] Manual x1
    (Event)[Soulbringer] Manual x1
    (Event)[Heavy Stinger] Manual x1
    (Event)[Placidez] Manual x1
    (Event)[Creacion] Manual x1
    (Event)[Rosa Secreta] Manual x1
    (Event)[Violeta Perro] Manual x1
    (Event)[Corsair] Manual x1
    (Event)[Carrier] Manual x1
    (Event)[Lord Of Death] Manual x1
    (Event)Richard's Ring Box x1
    (Event)Curan's Ring Box x1
    (Event)Veiren's Ring Box x1
    (Event)Genos's Ring Box x1
    (Event)Chester's Ring Box x1
    (Event)Soul Crystal x1
    (Event)Principal Ampule x1
    Veteran G EXP Card x1
    Veteran B EXP Card x1
    Expert G EXP Card x1
    Expert B EXP Card x1
    (Event)Training Card A x1
    (Event)Training Card B x1
    (Event)Training Card G x1
    Medal of Honor A x1
    Medal of Honor B x1
    EXP Card Lv.71 x1
    (Event)Portable Steel Bullet Box(1 day) x1
    (Event)Portable Steel Bolt Box(1 day) x1
    (Event)Portable Full Metal Shell Box(1 day) x1
    (Event)Portable Large Caliber Bullet Box(1 day) x1
    (Event)Portable Elemental Sphere Box(1 day) x1
    (Event)Portable Psychic Sphere Box(1 day) x1
    Mechanical Soldier's Screw x1
    Magical Rose x1
    Titanium Alloys x1
    Bloody Tooth x1
    Bloody Nail x1
    Dead Man's Leg Bone x1
    First Hunting Spoils x1
    Amaranthine Rose x1
    Vampire's Heart x1
    Moon Piece x1
    Complicated Part x1
    Complicated Machine x1
    Devil's Heart x1
    Eagle's Eyeball x1
    Steel Shell x1
    Smelted Steel x1

    Grabber will give lots of benefits and items only during the event.
    After the event, he will become normal.

    Please, participate in the event and have much fun with Butler Grabber~ ♡

    GEEU Team

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    how i can get this grubber?(╯

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    in feso shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moerte View Post
    in feso shop
    Sorry. Im wrong. In mm.

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    = = why I cannot edit my post....

    Sell in pet expert , ruffino 500k.

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