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    Looking for advice, melee dps

    Hi guys, Im looking for advice on what chars to use, mainly for questing/solo missions.

    My options are Doom, Guardian Ru, Sakura Hime and Crusader Daria.
    How does Daria compares to Doom in terms of damage?

    Thanks for the advices!

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    Just use the char that ur gears is ready.

    Those 4 chars are good for ur purpose.

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    Doom> Daria in most of situations.
    BUT that don`t really mean that Doom can do everything Daria can.
    If you don`t have good equip- C.Daria can actually be a better option, as she`s more universal.
    Main pros for C.Daria -
    1) 1 weap, so less crafting,chip, enhancing.
    2) Able to switch to "Tanky" form, which is...actually used pretty rare, but sometimes it`s really good (for example, tanking adds on Oscuras weekly is better with C.Daria in red form).
    3) Good vesping. Way better then G.Ru or Doom.
    4) AOE spacebar and skills, so easier to survive on some bosses with a lot of adds.
    5) No real problems with artifact crafting
    Cons for actually only a bit more mess with rings (1 more button if you`re doing everything right). And, of course, STACKS.

    Pros for Doom
    1) Higher damage.
    2) Spacebar-related.

    Cons for Doom:
    1) Dies way more often, due to HP consumption on job skill and stance buff.
    2) Arti is a bit more troublesome to craft.

    Pros for G.Ru
    1) Damage higher then C.Daria, on par with Doom
    2)Buff whole family
    3) REALLY good in doing daily quest runs like Armo water.
    4) Non-stop AOE casts with Kunzite rumins!
    5) Really good for clearing low-lvl missions.
    Cons for G.Ru
    1) Really troublesome to survive on longer runs (waaaaaay harder to vamp due to slow spacebar. Spacebar cycle itself is terrible)
    2) Can`t do anything in AFK mode.

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    Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated!

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