At a young age, Haohmaru fought as the youngest samurai to protect their
village to evil doers.

As time goes by peace engulf their village and Samurais were already been
forgotten. Their village became a center of trade and amusement. One sport was
introduced to them by foreigners that came far from the west, it was Basketball.

Haohmaru walks into the Streets of FreeStyle and immediately takes notice of
the competitive sport that has as much energy and tension as the duels he has
been in.

Haohmaru enters the courts of Freestyle to show off his explosive power and
natural ability to play with the basketball.

Ignite his Full Slash and Bust! Lure him using the mysterious bottle!

Acquire Slash Haohmaru from the
Blue coin and Bust Haohmaru from the
Red coin.

Note: The exchanged All Star cards are can only be equipped by Slash/Bust

You can also obtain the following items from the mysterious bottle!

Do not miss this chance to acquire Haohmaru from Samurai Showdown!

This event is only available until
May 14th, 23:59 (PDT)