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    Ay boys and girls. I've been trying to get some games every now and then. Are there any groups of players playing on this server at all? Like people that talk on discord or anything? Because i really want to. I really, really want to play navyfield. And i want to play games that are not on the chinese server because the chinese server is dog****. Hit me with some times/discord links so i can join. I can't let go of those rose tinted glasses, i want the old times back.

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    Nice to read you, man.

    Same here, I want to believe that games are still possible here. Well, I just went to the forum to see whether anything was announced, as the server has been down since this morning...

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    Tonight, for the first time in months I met another player on the site. When I closed the room and tried to start the battle, the program put both ships into the same team and would not let us start. The other player was able to escape from the room but it would not let me quit. I had to restart my computer to escape. Then when I tried to restart the Navyfield program it crashed whilst it was loading. GRRRRR!

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    Hello everyone!! Has none of you seen the discord link for the unofficial server? Here it is!


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