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    why can't GE login? <you can play game after finish updating the patch> out writing like this ..I have formatted my PC and download client ge !still can't login!What is this??

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    maybe bugging..just wait them fix it..

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    Gm's I cannot get reward for 10 days accumulative attendance. I got my today's reward which is Soul crystal, but I am unable to click on Get reward for Character Card Box III. This is kinda strange because today is my 10th day of attendance. Fix it ASAP pls!

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    Dear All,

    Sorry about the situation and there happened error situation during the testing xtrap update.
    Now server restarted and you can login to the game and will get a xtrap update.

    Sorry again!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Still can't login. And same problem as TheWolfy

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    Apr 2016
    I can log in now but still has the same problem with TheWolfy.

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    Still cant log in

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    reinstall helped

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    Dear All,

    If you have the attendance event problems, please send ticket and we will check.

    Please notified that the condition is the daily login and 1 hour more playing time.


    Team EuroGameZ

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    The problem is that your tickets aren't working either. I am unable to choose category. Guys and also this is not a good policy when it comes to event to make users create some tickets or something instead of playing and enjoying.

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