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    [GEEU] Marchetti's Reagent Manufacturing Test

    [EVENT] Marchetti's Reagent Manufacturing Test

    Pioneer families~ Hello~
    I'm glad to inform you of Marchetti's Reagent Manufacturing Test Event.

    ★ Period: 02.07.2019 after MT ~ 30.07.2019 before MT

    Please, check the following basic benefits during the event.
    ▷ Double Rate for obtaining Quest items.
    ▷ Entering Scenario Quest, [Quest Mission Support] Buff applies!
    ★[Quest Mission Support] Buff: Damage to Monster +50%, A.R./D.R.+3
    ▷ Rank Token Drop Rate +50%!

    Entering the village, you'll automatically receive Daily Quest for event.
    Find out Marchetti lost in thought at Reboldoeux fountain~!

    Defeating the monsters right for the daily quest and complete the daily quest,
    you can acquire the following items!

    Item Name Quantity
    (Event)Soul Crystal 3 ~ 5
    (Event)Principal Potion 2 ~ 3
    (Event)Total status ampoule Ampule 1 ~ 2
    Inventory Box of Marchetti Lab 35
    Marchetti's Experimental Reagent A 5
    Marchetti's Experimental Reagent B 5
    Marchetti's Experimental Reagent C 5

    Experimental Reagent A, B, C made by Marchetti!
    Wait! Don’t hurry to drink!

    First of all, let's check the related following abilities~~ ✧(•́ᴗ•́๑)

    Item Name Abilities
    Marchetti's Experimental Reagent A A.R.+1, ATK+50%, ATK to Monster+50%, PEN+15
    Marchetti's Experimental Reagent B D.R.+1, DEF+15, Magic RES+25, IMM+15
    Marchetti's Experimental Reagent C A.R.+1, D.R.+1, All Abilities+15, PEN+10, IMM+10
    ※ If the region changes, Buff effect will be canceled.
    ※ Unable to use in Tierra De La Sed, Clique Battle and Colony War area.

    Please, help Marchetti to do the experiment!
    According to Complete Times,
    you can get extra reward from Maria coming with Marchetti NPC.

    Complete Times Rewards Quantity
    3 Times Inventory Box of Marchetti Lab 5
    5 Times Inventory Box of Marchetti Lab 10
    7 Times Inventory Box of Marchetti Lab 20
    10 Times (Event)Socket Processing Tranquilizer 3
    15 Times (Event)Enchant Sedative(5 min.) 1
    20 Times (Event)Socket Processing Tranquilizer 7

    Opening ‘Inventory Box of Marchetti Lab’, you can get the following items randomly.

    Item Name Quantity
    (Event)Medal of Honor A 1
    (Event)Medal of Honor B 1
    Expert G EXP Card 1
    Veteran G EXP Card 1
    (Event)Training Card A 1
    (Event)Training Card B 1
    (Event)Training Card G 1
    Pet Food 3
    (Event)Curan's Ring Box 1
    (Event)Veiren's Ring Box 1
    (Event)Genos's Ring Box 1
    (Event)Chester's Ring Box 1
    (Event)Richard's Ring Box 1
    Mechanical Soldier's Screw 1
    Magical Rose 1
    Titanium Alloys 1
    Bloody Tooth 1
    Bloody Nail 1
    Dead Man's Leg Bone 1
    First Hunting Spoils 1
    Amaranthine Rose 1
    Vampire's Heart 1
    Moon Piece 1
    Complicated Part 1
    Complicated Machine 1
    Devil's Heart 1
    Eagle's Eyeball 1
    Steel Shell 1
    Smelted Steel 1
    (Event)Portable Steel Bullet Box(1 day) 1
    (Event)Portable Steel Bolt Box(1 day) 1
    (Event)Portable Full Metal Shell Box(1 day) 1
    (Event)Portable Large Caliber Bullet Box(1 day) 1
    (Event)Portable Elemental Sphere Box(1 day) 1
    (Event)Portable Psychic Sphere Box(1 day) 1
    (Event) Melee Enhance Ampule (1MCC) 1
    (Event) Shooting Enhance Ampule (1MCC) 1
    (Event) Magic Enhance Ampule (1MCC) 1

    ‘Reagent Sample’, ‘Inventory Box of Marchetti Lab’, ‘Marchetti's Experimental Reagent A/B/C’
    will be deleted at the end of the event.

    Please, use them within the period~♡

    GEEU Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherry1004 View Post
    Please, help Marchetti to do her experiment!

    marchetti is a boy>.>

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    Thanks SotonaPower ^^

    Team EuroGameZ

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    I didn't open the boxes, half a thousand
    There was a shortage of inventory.
    very disappointing

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