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    As for damage test before patch there were a few ppl who tested agi vs DeX and when full agi there was a 15%-20 more damage compared to DeX. Now is the opposite so u loosed around 30-40% damage after patch lol if we go with previous patch damage

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    Nice fix. You broke shooting promote buff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edesse View Post
    So I would say get one type of DPS for magic and physical types. Miho for magic type content, and MSB for physical. You can't expect one character to reign supreme for all types of bosses. It would be boring mechanics wise.

    Despite everything that has been said if IMC decides to nerf in secret characters by using 'it was a bug' as an excuse, we are not going to be in a for a good time.
    Check this video about miho, particularly 2:54 see her normal atk dmg in Armonia HARD. 630K x 3 = almost 1.9M per hit which is 100% consistent without worrying about crit.

    when comparing performances, considering Miho vs low-medium mental resist bosses in Armonia hard raid, VS MSB in Orden raid. Why this level of performance for Magical DPS (Miho) is Ok while for MSB (physical) it is a bug? Let alone mental dmg is far more easier to penetrate resistance than DEF and Miho i believe is released earlier than MSB i think.

    because they want to promote miho/miha costumes? lol

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    I also like to report that Archbishop skill effects are gone.
    Quote Originally Posted by foreverchar View Post
    because they want to promote miho/miha costumes? lol
    Stop with the conspiracy theories, I mean Zaved and other chars are also broken after maintenance. What worries me is that they released a statement that it is a bug from the start. @GEEU tean: Check Agi scaling please!

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    Miho& Miha was buffed months ago, while costume sales started like a couple of weeks ago on KGE.
    As for Barrol nerf... What drives me off the most is not the nerf itself (let`s be honest- MSB was OP, an now he`s not "Weak", just "strong". Miho\Miha is OP now, that`s all,folks. But their prices is gonna fall after current LB (as probably they`ll be released on Letizia), but the annoying cycle of development that IMC is using currently.
    Ruby was released with a bug (Dev notes mentioned that channeling skill was not supposed to proc x2 damage to marked enemy, but it did. It wasn`t even in skill description... until the next major update. IMC simply put a string, and bug became feature.), then nerfed (CD went up), and Kiss released (slightly better). But no one complained, and when i told my faction that i`ve sent a ticket about that, they went " Y U DID DIS, U BSTRD!".
    Every single "strong" character during last 2-3 years was either nerfed later, or overshadowed with even more OP char.
    CNL- Nerfed(A.R. summary from buffs lowered on KGE)- Another nerf (Heavily lowered IDEF on skills) - overshadowed in terms of damage by WW and then CDaria.
    Aclla- overshadowed by QSJ. Then QSJ...NERFED HARD (stacks lowered HEAVILY). And Ruby released.
    Lada - released- godlike in PVP- nerfed to the ground.

    Open up your eyes. It`s not the 1st time. And not the last one. Just that this time it was done in a ninja-way.
    While i`m basically okay with this MSB nerf, i`m TOTALLY not okay with a fact that MSB was released the way he was.

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    Open your eyes
    Look up to the skies and see
    I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
    Because I'm easy come, easy go
    A little high, little low
    Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me

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    Becky 5th skill Gallied buff wrong. Sothing about Arbitor Berthe written.

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    In case it's still not reported.
    Ornella's debuff lvl3 is reversed. It BUFFS enemy for 1ar, 60%atk and pene instead of DEbuffing.

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    Dear All,

    Ornella skill problem will be fixed tomorrow !

    Team EuroGameZ

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