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    Problem fixed and Server will be online very soon now !!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Would MSB normal atk in PVE be looked into? we would like to know if it is actually a bug, because cutting his normal attack dmg in almost half is so huge that it is likely a bug.

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    Dear All,

    MSB normal ATK was too high so far and it's modified and now it's normal.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroGameZ View Post
    Dear All,

    MSB normal ATK was too high so far and it's modified and now it's normal.

    Team EuroGameZ

    You mean the ATK was TOO LOW after aplying shooting promoter?

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    Tell us please, was this implemented only in pvp server, or everywhere? Cause that's the only reason MSB can have low damage everywhere.

    6. Followings are the changes for the Worldcross PVP;

    1) Each Stance balance will be changed like below;

    Stance Type Changes
    Melee Stance - Skill Damage +40%
      - Normal Damage +20%
    Shooting Stance - Skill Damage maintained
      - Normal Damage -60%
    Magic Stance - Skill Damage +10%
      - Normal Damage +10%
    Shooting Promotor Max of normal damage increase down by around -66%

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    Please, fix xtrap problem after the update! And also the connection became worse. Pls gms think twice before making any changes to already instable game. Thank you.

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    i am sorry GM, i can bear with 20% dmg cut, but almost HALF? this is too much. MSB's skills are literally USELESS except the last one which has LONG cast time, 25 sec CD, and you have to CRIT (and the CRIT chance is roughly 35% for that skill) in order to do dmg. This is a nerf beyond the ground!

    what is funny is that at the same time Miho gets crazily buffed and her normal atk dmg is the same, or even more than MSB normal atk pre-nerfed + all her skills are useful unlike MSB, Plus she is doing mental damage such that the resist is easier to counter as opposed to DEF. How do devs justify this buff? are devs planning to nerf MIHO later into the ground too? This is extremely bad gaming experience for gamers.

    Please reconsider the nerfs for MSB, it is too much. Many players invested heavily into this char and what do they do now? Thanks

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    Truth be told it is not the case of "reconsidering" - kge patch notes clearly state that the changes apply to PVP only, therefore applying them on normal field maps/rank mission is their own move...

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    The only gripe I have about this is if kGE is going to nerf MSB, they should at least be transparent about it and putting it in the patch notes.

    Honestly MSB's auto attack was insanely high before, and thats not even the full part of his kit - his 5th skill Totte is extremely powerful that powercrept ALL of the current DPS in the game.

    Its not surprising if his auto attack damage was bugged. The damage he was dealing per shot was similar to a skill from any of the old characters. The reason why MSB's skills seem 'useless' is because of the severely high damage that Totte can do, everything else pales in comparison to that skill. In PVP, his auto attacks can deal insane amounts of damage, even without any form of penetration.

    When charging skills got nerfed, their base attack went from 100~300%. Heck, Kiss's multipliers for his 2nd skill is lower than 100% for the initial cast. Whereas Totte's is more than 1000%. He was already bonkers to begin with.

    Its funny that players don't complain about powercreeping when MSB is the ultimate one that was introduced in this game. He threw Doom Slave, Sakura, Crusader Daria, Hermes out of the window the moment he was released, but did anyone complain? No, they just enjoyed the powercreep that he brought. Only when MSB gets nerfed then people compare and complain about powercreeping.
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    Yes that's what i am thinking, the MSB normal attack dmg nerf should be applied ONLY in PVP as patch note states, not in PVE. it is gutting me right now.

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