Time to grind it out again! Mega Pass is back for its fourth season! Complete
all the levels and acquire this season's exclusive Cosmetic Items as well as
other goodies!

Event Period:
July 24 2019 00:00 PDT ~ August 27 2019 23:59 PDT

Event Details:

The Mega Pass rewards players handsomely to those who are able to level
it up completely. Play games and finish up challenges to collect stars to level
up your Mega Pass. When reaching certain levels, the Mega Pass will reward
the hard work of the player.

This season's Mega Pass Exclusive Cosmetic Items are:

- King Jupiter Set

- Flamango Set and in the spirit of Summer, the Watermelon Head!

You can read up more on the event on this post:
Link: [https://freestyle2.joycitygames.com/news/event/9238]

Note: Please be reminded that at the last week of the event,
August 21-27, levels will no longer be added in any way, this the
time alloted to players in order to receive their rewards before the
event ends.