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    Quote Originally Posted by itsyous View Post
    She have what it takes to make an interesting character- restrictions.
    Only limit Ornella had was overall damage of her stance. Canna comments. Charlotte only became restricted with Diablo nerf, as right now you can`t use her personal artifact without taking care of mana sustain.
    And Hildegard is great in that term. Literally a "zone of commfort" with unlimited time, but requiring you to fight right here and right now.
    Other then`s a typical melee skillset from GE, with a bit of mobility and mid-range targets control.
    But at least that`s an interesting concept, which none of modern characters really have.
    Her "Zone of Comfort" not so new - this is old mechanic of builders and Rose, the Spirit. Only diffrence, out of Zone for Hildegard - unsummon her "weapon" and blocking her fighting ability. Oh, its make her similar to Selene.

    And about Ornella I meant that she wear long dress, adult face, has interesting concept and diffrent types of skills. Her reall ristriction - no AR at all.
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