Choose your Team and wage war against other teams in the battle for supremacy in FS2!
Start the War Event commences!

Event Period:
August 28 2019 00:00 PDT ~ September 24, 2019 23:59 PDT

Event Details:

Join one of three different teams, Underdog, Number Play, or Mystery and
challenge the remaining ones to see which team is the best in FS2!

The people in underdog plays to please as they perform stylish dribbles and stunning
performance. Be careful when facing against this team as looks can be deceiving and
you might just get schooled!

Number Play:
By the numbers, cold, calculating, and efficient. The members of Number Play focus
on the game using their impressive thinking capacity. Think you are one step ahead?
Number Play members already have plans and counterplans for you. They only have
one thing in their heads, to win.

The dark horse of the war.
Nobody exactly know the extent of the Mystery Teams' capabilities, nor what they are capable of.
Each of their members teeming with raw energy and a force that can only be felt. Be careful when letting down your guard for a second as Mystery Team might just blindside you.

After you have chosen which team you want to join, head on over and choose which area
in the strategy map should you play in!

Each win will increase your victory points. The crew with the highest victory points will
be the one who will own the said area.

Each game you play, whether win or lose will award you with a League Coin, you
can exchange the League Coin for various rewards!

These are the rewards for placing first, second, and third place overall.