[EVENT] Charlotte's Itinerary

GEEU Families~ Hello~
I'm glad to inform you of Charlotte's Itinerary Event.

★ Period: 03.09.2019 after MT ~ 24.09.2019 before MT

★ Please, check how to participate!!

- Enter the town and receive Charlotte's Pioneer Journal!(
- Attend every day and obtain an item a day!
In order to receive Charlotte's Pioneer Journal,
you must accomplish Pure Family Lv.30 and Achievement Score 3,000.

Attend. Day Reward Items Quantity
day 1 Shiny Crystal Box 10
day 2 Barrack Slot License 10
day 3 Enchant Chip Veteran 350
day 4 Enhanced Enchant Sedative 25
day 5 Master Card 3
day 6 Sara's Tear 5
day 7 Karin's Small Vital Potion 4
day 8 Training Card G 50
day 9 Enchant Chip Expert 250
day 10 Karin's Enchant Sedative Ticket- grade 34 10
day 11 Socket Processing Tranquilizer 11
day 12 Karin's Small Vital Potion 4
day 13 Enchant Chip Master 50
day 14 Karin's Enchant Sedative Ticket- grade 35 5

1.All Event Reward items can NOT be sold or traded.
2.Pioneer Journal item will be deleted at the end of the event.
(Remaining usage period is NOT considered)

We hope you will have much fun with Chalrotte's Itinerary event!!