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    [GEEU] Patch and Maintenance Notice - (08:00~11:00 CEST, 10th of September 2019)

    Dear GEEU Fans,

    On 10th of September 2019 tomorrow, GEEU Game Server will be down for the patch and maintenance like below.

    - GEEU game server down: From 08:00 till 11:00 (CEST)

    [Update Contents]

    1. Rhinoceur and Diablo Pets ability will be modified like below;

    [Protection of Diablo] ATK to monster+10%, PEN+5, IMM+5, DEF+5, Critical+5, Move SPD+10%
    [Protection of Linoceurus] IMM+10, Damage -5%, DEF+5, All RES+5

    2. The finished Event's name in the list and the left items will be deleted.

    [Event Contents]

    1. Ornella's Lost Postcard Event will be started during 6 weeks !!

    2. 1 week of Boosting Event will be started !!

    We will compensate the nerfed Pets like below;

    1. At 17th of Septemper, we will provide new pet, "Bible Pet Box" for all owners of the nerfed pets as the compensation.

    2. If the onwer of the pet don't want to get the compensation and want to get the refund, the owner can send the ticket and we will handle the situation like below;

    1) If the owner want to keep the nerfed pet, half of the cash from the purchased price will be given.
    2) If the owner don't need to keep the nerfed pet, full of the cash from the purchased price will be given.

    ADDED: If the owner trades the pets before 17th of September, the pet will not be given and be careful on the possession till 17th of September.

    Thanks you for your understanding about the situation and we will keep trying to improve the situation for all users.

    New big update tests are on track and the new update teaser page will be shown soon in this week.

    Thank you,
    Team EuroGameZ

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    So Divine bless buff will be removed from Diablo too?

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    Thank you GEEU for handling the pet situation properly!
    Enigmatic Family.

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    God dang the pets got neutered...
    Does cash compensation work if I only have one of the pet? Or need both?

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    Please clarify a couple of things:
    1.) Bible pet compensation: will we get a non-event bible pet box?
    2.) If an individual has 2 of the nerfed pets...
    - will they get 2 Bible pet boxes? if a bible pet is given per nerfed pet they own, can they keep 1 and get a full refund of 1 pet?

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    Thank you for your efforts, this is better than what I expected and a new event with small chance of Canna card too.

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    Will this apply to people who only brought the pet box with cash?

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    Dear All,

    Here are the answers about your questions;

    1. Basicall Bible Pet will be Event version. But if the owner need to get 2 compensation, one Bible Pet will be non-event pet box.
    2. Only Cash purchaser can request the cash refund.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    can we request for toy lloyd pet instead if we already have bible pets

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    Wait a minute, so if the players got both pets as special rewards from LB, they are obligated to receive bible pets (1 or 2?) as compensation?? What if they have already one bible? What's the meaning of keeping 3 bibles?
    That is ridiculous, special rewards come after cashing LB too so they should be able to ask refunds as well.

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