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    Quote Originally Posted by MirabilisObscura View Post
    Yay! Now we can go outside and have lives.
    Just for 5 mins XD
    " Satis Faction "

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroGameZ View Post
    Dear All,

    Boosting Event is not properly working at the moment and it needs server restarting...
    We will restart the server tomorrow morning in very short time and will make the boosting event working. 1 day will be more extended.

    We will check the elephant pet situation again.

    Team EuroGameZ
    Still no Boosting event after restart today..........

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    Dear All,

    We tried to restart the server and adjust the boosting but it's failed.
    We will check things again and will fixed that Tomorrow morning again. Too many server restart is not good for things.
    Boosting Event period will be exactly 7days or more ^^

    We checked Elephant pet case and it was not nerf and it was fixing the bug that the buff was overlapped.

    Thank you for your understanding recently and we will keep up the good things for GEEU server!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Yeah Elephant is a "fix" but the price was misinterpreted because it was stacking with other pets from the get go. It's effect is uglier than most pets is used alone, even Black Dragon which is given away in a previous event was better.

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    Server blew up again.

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    Could you please state how much EGC is the full refund?

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