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    Dear Enrai,

    You can try to explain more and send any details.
    We can try to double check and verify things.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    how to get the proof ?
    i bought my diablo 4-5 months ago for the ar/dr from the web shop
    should i screenshot every thing i buy from now on?
    Oxbird family regards

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    This is generally the first project where you have to prove the fact of buying from them in game store

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroGameZ View Post
    Dear All,

    The DropRate also fixed and people can get the items by double !!

    Team EuroGameZ
    Items by double? What do u even mean with that

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    i got 2 pet from compensation and 1 is event. and i have this bible pet awhile ago. so basically i have 3pcs bible pet now.
    so is it possible to refund the event bible pet? so i can sell the other tradable one.

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    It is. This is taken from the previous maintenance notice.

    We will compensate the nerfed Pets like below;

    1. At 17th of Septemper, we will provide new pet, "Bible Pet Box" for all owners of the nerfed pets as the compensation.

    2. If the onwer of the pet don't want to get the compensation and want to get the refund, the owner can send the ticket and we will handle the situation like below;

    1) If the owner want to keep the nerfed pet, half of the cash from the purchased price will be given.
    2) If the owner don't need to keep the nerfed pet, full of the cash from the purchased price will be given.

    ADDED: If the owner trades the pets before 17th of September, the pet will not be given and be careful on the possession till 17th of September.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hildy View Post
    It is. This is taken from the previous maintenance notice.
    ya i sent the ticket that i don't want the nerfed pet and i want full of the cash

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    cutting in line. ok

    Quote Originally Posted by MirabilisObscura View Post
    Hi. I still did not get my full EGC refund even though I submitted my ticket to support.

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    Also, if you are asking for proof, how can we prove it when some of us purchased the Diablo pet from 7 months back? You guys have no transaction history of cash shop items implemented into the system.

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    1) And what about those who bought pets a couple of years ago?
    2) I have a Bible, and I wrote that I need monetary compensation, and not 2 more Bibles.

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