Rule the Street, Be the MVP and win awesome rewards!

Event Period: 9/25 ~ 10/08

Here's how!

Step 1.
Challenge the MVP Rankers!

Step 2.
Be the MVP in your 3 vs 3 regular match and receive an MVP Random Box!
(1 MVP Random Box per match, 3 MVP Random Boxes per day)

MVP Random Box
You can get one of the following:
Card sub Att * 1
Card sub Att * 3
Freestyle Ticket * 10
Freestyle Ticket * 20
Freestyle Ticket * 100

Step 3.
Get more MVPs until the end of the Event and try to become
the 1st place in the MVP Rank.

Step 4.
Put your character name on top of the list and receive an
MVP Rank Reward.

1~5th Place : Laurel Crown(Gold)

6~20th Place : Laurel Crown(Silver)

21~100th Place : DJ Bagman's Head