Meet the other members of the Royal Flush Gang! Ido and Dion will make your
hearts swoon and your body quiver with their moves!

Event Period:
September 25 2019 00:00 (PDT) ~ October 15 2019 23:59 (PDT)

Event Mechanics:

The King designation for the Royal Flush Gang is here! Ido and Dion enters the

Purchase Golden Sandglasses and flip them over for a chance to acquire an
Ido&Dion Level 40 Package!

These are the rewards that you can acquire:

Each Sandglass you flip will increase your Grade, and the higher your grade is,
you get better bonus rewards! Incrasing your Grade will also increase your
chances of a successful acquisition of the Ido&Dion Level 40 Pkg!

These are the various Grades and Benefits you get when you go higher!

Any accumulated Sandbags can be exchanged for various items.

The Ido&Dion Package contains the following items:
Ido&Dion Character
All Star World Wish Card x3
Unlimited Skill Slot x4
Buff Skill Slot x2
FreeStyle Ticket x200
Card Sub Attribute Changer x50
Premium Card Sub Attribute Changer x3

You also get a Costume Package exclusively for Ido and Dion!

If you can control the Kings, then you will rule the court!