GEEU Families~ Hello~
I'm glad to inform you of

Guys! You know?
Hildegard visits Reboldoeux to cheer up and encourage pioneer families!
Let's meet her~~

Please, check the event details!!

★ Period: 08.10.2019 after MT ~ 29.10.2019 before MT

★ How to participate

▶ Reach Family Lv.30 and complete the related specific condition.
▶ Talk to 'Hildegard who looks delighted' NPC in Reboldoeux .
▶ Hildegard's Pioneer Journal will be given to you.

* You must reach Family Lv.30.
- If you complet
e ‘[Glorious Sanctuary] Everyone is involved’ quest, bring Token of Virtue x5.
- If you don't complet
e ‘[Glorious Sanctuary] Everyone is involved’ quest,
recruit all of Panfilo, Gracielo and Grutrude.

Day Reward Quantity
Day 1 Shiny Crystal Box 10
Day 2 (Event) Barrack Slot License 10
Day 3 (Event) Portable Bullet (1 day) Box 1
Day 4 (Event) Enchant Enchant Stabilizer 10
Day 5 (Event) Socket Processing Tranquilizer 5
Day 6 (Event) Soul Crystal 20
Day 7 (Event) Character Card Box Ⅲ 1
Day 8 Karin's Small Vital Potion 4
Day 9 (Event) Enhanced Enchant Sedative 20
Day 10 (Event) Sacred Sedecram Pass- 1 day 1
Day 11 Artifact Box in Madrid 20
Day 12 (Event) Socket Processing Tranquilizer 10
Day 13 (Event) Ancient En Celar Pass- 3 days 1
Day 14 Collection Igorni's Character Card Box 1

Good news!
Unlike other pioneer journals, Hildegard's Pioneer Journal will remain after the related event ends.
You can have time to use Hildegard's Pioneer Journal after the end of the event~♡

We hope you will have much fun with Hildegard's CHEER-UP event!!