bok About Lyndon/Letiza box drop rate.
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    About Lyndon/Letiza box drop rate.

    Just one question how much is drop rate at basic rewards by opening lyndon box and letiza box.
    I'm always opening lydon and letiza boxes and i can only get card on every special rewards 200th or 300th and something i got nothing but trash!

    so today i decided to take a video on your lydon box event. feel free to check it out!

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    Many may not know this since it's usually buried under other event notices but they actually release some of the Lyndon box drop rates.
    Here's a couple of them and since they have the same probability I assume it's the same. (Except for Canna which is equivalent to SPL/SCC of that time)

    Charlotte LB


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    this is impossible on 225pcs box on basic reward hilde card doesn't show. all thanks to special 200th reward i got the gold package.
    Even on my lucky letiza i opened 380 box and i only got 1 card and not even Princess Sakura! but only Sakura! is this a joke????? this shouldn't be lucky letiza. am totally disappointed!

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