bok [GEEU] GEEU please help
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    GEEU please help

    will you look at my topic and my suggestion, ok thanks
    come on i can't make any progress in the game right now, ive been stuck for a month or two now, this raid is still impossible to solo or to even organise a squad for

    i need to at least know if you're going to communicate my notes to the devs or not so i can just quit this game or figure out something else

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    Write me your IGN in private messages on this forum, and time when i can meet you online. I told you already =)
    I rarely visit the game right now, but i don`t mind spending some SCs to help you with ToC.

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    Dear All,

    Thanks itsyours and MeteoraXV, you can send ticket and we will help you after you doing that quest with other's help.

    Team EuroGameZ

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