Making All Star cards will now be easier with the Card Freeway

Event Period:
October 30 00:00 PDT ~ November 26 23:59 PDT

Event Mechanics:

Part 1: FS2 Char. Creation Pkg
When you create a character during the event, you will get a
Char. Creation Pkg depending on the position of your newly
created character! Each pkg will contain a set of Legendary
Cards, 100 Card Sub. Att Changer, and 2 Buff Skill Slots.

Each corresponding pkg for the position you create has a different
set of legendary cards! Please refer to the Chart below for each
position's card set reward.

Position Card Set Reward
Center SP Edition #1
Power Forward SP Edition #1
Control Tower SP Edition #1
Small Forward SP Edition #3
Swingman SP Edition #3
Shooting Guard SP Edition #5
Point Guard Field Trip Set
Dual Guard Field Trip Set

Part 2: Card Stress Relief
We will be giving out essential items regarding all your Card
needs just by logging in! The JoyCity Giveaway Pkg
contains these items:

Items Quantity
Legendary Wish Card Pkg 3
Card Sub Att. Changer 100
VIP Member Ship (30D) 1
Buff Skill Slot (30D) 2
AllStar Pro Card Mover 3
AllStar World Card Mover 3

Part 3: Card Upgrade Condition Removal
We are making it easier to upgrade your cards by lessening
the requirement needed to create an All Star Pro and All Star
World Cards!

All Star Pro

All Star World

Time to lie back and take a break from the stress of cards!