Draw random items from the Draw Board using the "Draw Tickets" to win awesome rewards!

Event Period: 10/30 - 11/26 23:59 (PST)

How to obtain tickets?

•You can obtain tickets by completing the "Daily Mission" inside the Draw'Em board.
(Daily Quest in the Achievement is not included)
•You can buy draw tickets for 8,500 Points each I 100 GKash

How to play?

•Use your tickets to Manually Draw from the Draw Board and win the Prizes.
-You can check the remaining rewards in the board.
-Prizes in the Draw Board changes every Week
•Receive bonus prizes by achieving the "Total Draw" number for that week.
•Win our completion bonus by completing all the Draw Board every week.

All Tickets will disapear after the event.
Event is only up until 11/26 23:59:59
Rewards will be sent directly to your CURRENT CHARACTER'S Locker