bok Gratitude event ????
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    Gratitude event ????

    Dear GMs pls fix gratitude points! I have spend more than 500 euro and got just 500 points but I wanted some cash character. I believe there was some mistake in giving those points how can it be? I don't think I will ever donate in this game if you won't fix this. I don't expect to get like top char but at least Asoka.

    I don't think this whole thing is justified!

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    gratitude points given are a joke.jpg

    Yup, this is a joke. Spent 185$ for only 500 poi

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    Disappointment about the points a bit but it's better than nothing, so..
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    2000 Euros = 5000 points

    8000 Euros = 18,000 points

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    got 1k+ euro and i got 2,000 gratitude points xD
    cant even get free good character lolololol

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