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    Kielce merchant favor rate

    Does anyone here have high Kielce merchant favor rate? Just want to know if it's worth increasing the favor rate to lower the vis bag exchange rate.

    I currently have this option, 10,000 vis bag = 10 pcs 1,000 vis bags, 100,000 vis bag = 10 pcs 10,000 vis bags. etc..

    Will this increase eventually to like 10,000 vis bag = 1pc 1,000 vis bags if I work hard to increase the favor rate? Or did anyone ever got that far? Seems too hard to reach 100,000 favor points.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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    I don't exactly remember but I saw it somewhere that the lowest it goes up to is either a 8 or 9 for a higher version.

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    Now i need 9 pcs. Got it at ~800-1000 favor rate, not sure. Currently have favor 2145 and nothing changes.

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