bok Boss regen time arrangement related
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    Boss regen time arrangement related

    Dear All,

    Now we are having many tickets about the boss regen time one hour earlier.
    We already arrange this before but the Europe summer time finished and the boss regen time set as before.

    Are you all agree when we make the time one hour earlier than now?

    Team EuroGameZ

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    I think it is a good idea.

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    I vote for making WB time an hour earlier :3

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    Not sure why EUGE is asking this for all user when the people affected are only people from eclipse and athena no one else is doing world boss

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    yeah, and they are not even killing it, they just watching on the floor until time ends .. lol

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    Maybe if time changes there will be much more chances for players to kill WB
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    They can try but will just get threatened with war or get forced war with random alt factions.

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    wb is free for anyone u can attack it freely, but after u hit it, expect war will be next for sure.. ^^v

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    Sadly eu is more southeast asian player base lol even if they make them one hour earlier is still pretty late for most players since they work next day. Best would be if they make the bosses before clique battle time so 1400 or so.

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    Agree with Noob, either you make world boss at around tdls 1400 svt time, or don't change it. One hour earlier only gives convenience to those who ticketed, which I see it as an manipulative act.

    GM try broad and ask this matter in game, and check the system chat reply one day later, perhaps on a sat/sun. Asking in forum when forum is inactive is futile (most players do not check forum as GM/Mods are inactive here).

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