Gren's Pioneer Journal Items
Date Item Name Quantiry
Day 1 (Event)Master Card 1
Day 2 (Event)Pioneer Premium(15 days) 1
Day 3 (Event)Socket Processing Tranquilizer 20
Day 4 (Event)Karin's Enchant Sedative Ticket- Grade 35 5
Day 5 (Event)Ruffino's Mysterious Pet Food(15 days) 1
Day 6 (Event)Socket Processing Tranquilizer 20
Day 7 Enhance Booster 35
Day 8 (Event)Training Card G 100
Day 9 (Event)Karin's Enchant Sedative Ticket- Grade 36 2
Day 10 2018 Medal Summon Stone 2
Day 11 (Event)2018 Weapon Summon Stone Items 2
Day 12 (Event)Armonia Armor Summon Stone 2
Day 13 (Event)Snowflake Character Summon Stone 1

2018 Medal Summon Stone Items
Crossed Destiny
Deus Machina
Medal of Goddess
Soul Devastator
Nine Tales

2018 Weapon Summon Stone Items
(Event)Tyrving of Diarin
(Event)Tyrving of Diren
(Event)Electric Buster
(Event)Tooth of Quetzalcoatl
(Event)Wing of Quetzalcoatl
(Event)Thousand cherry blossoms - Killing demons
(Event)Thousand cherry blossoms - Killing warriors
(Event)Glow of Goddess
(Event)Tartarus of Goddess
(Event)Void Walker - Meteor
(Event)Void Walker - Tempir
(Event)Void Walker - Tesla
(Event)Void Walker - Ray
(Event)Horn of Kapeluna
(Event)Zaved's Research Diary
(Event)Essence of Cuberic
(Event)Spirit of Cuberic

(Event)Snowflake Character Summon Stone
(Event)Snowflake Montoro
(Event)Snowflake Cherly