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    Well in my opinion I think doing that would make those stances at least more usable and accessible. Games with many unique characters or any game in general tend to have the strongest build or the strongest melee/magic/shoot character. The longer the game the longer the players can discover which is which and that goes the same for which raids profit more, etc.

    It really isn't new that GE players only use certain characters, hence their weapon type, depending on the time they were meta. For example,
    Melee: Triple Claude/Adelina on Twin Blades / Triple Fengling > Triple Grandma > Triple Selva> release of expert stance ruined diversity > Red Hair > JD > Lynn > CNL/Leona/Judith > Doom/Sakura/Ru

    The only place I can honestly say that stances played a huge role and where characters are a lot more diverse was during wxpvp fix era before new characters that can 1 hit on fix mode were released (Pre-nerf CSC/CC/Leona/CNL/Daisy/etc.)
    Knowing which stances provide high block and evasion played important parts and where unique characters such as Illusion (she is an evasion melee that can ignore evasion as well as block and can debuff with "love"), Jane/Barrel (shooting chars usually get wrecked by melee block chars but they have skills that can ignore block), RE/Hellena/Wiz/Darkness (when debuffing is a thing and high aoe burst with invi for ambush) etc.

    They kind of differentiated weapons through their stance like most rapier stances centered on high evasion or anti magic and daggers being used by invi chars but I do get your point that most tend to blend with each other like swords with sabres.

    The only perk in using a non-meta char/non-meta weapon type is that you get famous if you do it well on pvp, pve not so much hope there.

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    Slowly, but imc is moving in the right direction about weapons. Yah, diversity on top-tier is killed, but playing for fun is funnier than it was.

    Some types are getting specific features ( rapier- triple hit combos, pistol- higher crit cap, jan. Balance is about daggers, previously there was summoners, mages, etc. ). Also modern chars, especially those who's not DPS-oriented, is quite interesting to play. I like it. If only they stop the powercreep between dps chars, but... The game will be way less monetized if you'll be able to stick with old chars.
    TBH, what ppl thought was salvation ( moving from paid promotions and semi-paid quests to full cash char releases) was actually a step in the wrong direction. While it was euphoric at the beginning, now we have what we deserved.

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    Tbh I hope they still provide us an option to use dual-wield for the characters that were able to, Main-Gauche is gonna be Ramiro exclusive on Bloody Feast at that rate lol.

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    Characters using mixed weapons will automatically wear [Supplementary weapons] suitable for the stance if they only wear the current [main weapon].

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    Sad they nerfing barrols spacebar, he was nice to afk farming magic insignia, vesp

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    Hey guys, i will leave a note here.
    Despite IMC removed def penalty from catherine's hiding buff but Jin still get -50 def/res effect.
    Q: What stance does my character have ?
    Q: What's my max crit rate ?
    Q: What's lv13 of this skill ?
    Q: Which hand weapon is my damage based on ?

    >Click here to see answer<

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