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    Please check the situation of Lago Celeste/Other CW Maps/Clique Battle Maps. Mass disconnecting everyone in Channel 1 in the middle of Colony War/Clique Battle and restarting the whole thing, it's making inconvenience for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edesse View Post
    Complaining about this just shows your lack of understanding of game mechanics.
    If following your context, I can assume ranged auto attacks from pistol geared R.Kess that deals the same amount on critical hits is a bug and you are abusing it too?

    GEEU team, this is not a bug. Please do not entertain this.
    Are you for real? Go on another server and choose Jin in crossworld. U will see .

    Other than that,i am not talking about Crits. Jin's spacebar just like that, out of the blue, no skill or crit, deals 60.000k in 1 cycle aka 1sek. So don't give me that BS only because Tempua is abusing it.

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