bok Need help where to find honey bee monster for making honey bee soul stone
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    Need help where to find honey bee monster for making honey bee soul stone

    I can't find any honey bee monster in ustiur 1-4. Anyone knows where to find them? I need to make honey bee soul stone for farm. I checked and it says there, it's located in ustiur jungle 1-4.

    I explored all those 4 but the only flying monster I found is Queen Bee and Elgarhm. Please help. Thanks.

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    Yeah I know what it looks like, I've hunted them before but I don't see it anywhere anymore in Ustiur jungle maps. I saw a different flying monster not the bee. I spent about 2 hours running around to find it.

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    Seems like an over exaggeration. There are lots inside the center part of zone 1 and I even kill a few just by doing Ustiur daily egg collection adn I'm not even looking for them.

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    I'm not exaggerating. I'm actually very frustrated already looking for it. You said center of map, I will try again later. Oh my god this is so hard.

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    I actually went to check after i commented. In zone 4 I gave up after 1 minute then went to zone 1, I saw 1 bee within 10 seconds after entering from Ustiur town. Goodluck!

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    i collect 50x from ustiur zone 1
    time ~1,5hour for all

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