[EVENT] Enjoy New Year's Day with Tteokguk~~

GEEU Families~ Hello~
I'm glad to inform you of [Enjoy New Year's Day with Tteokguk~~] Event ♬

★ Period: 04.02.2020 after MT ~ 18.02.2020 before MT

★ How to participate
▶ Entering the town, you can get the quest mail automatically.
▶ Talk to 'Viki expecting to eat Tteokguk(rice-cake soup)' NPC in Reboldoeux Fountain area to get the quest started.
▶ Talk to 'Viki expecting to eat Tteokguk' after completing the daily quest, then you can receive '2020 New Year's Day Gift Box' x1.
▶ Opening '2020 New Year's Day Gift Box', you can obtain one of the following items randomly.

★ 2020 New Year's Day Gift Box

Item Name Quantity
(Event)[Lama] Manual 1
(Event)[Innocentio] Manual 1
(Event)[Soulbringer] Manual 1
(Event)[Heavy Stinger] Manual 1
(Event)[Placidez] Manual 1
(Event)[Creacion] Manual 1
(Event)[Rosa Secreta] Manual 1
(Event)[Violeta Perro] Manual 1
(Event)[Corsair] Manual 1
(Event)[Carrier] Manual 1
(Event)[Lord Of Death] Manual 1
(Event)High-grade Pet Box Summon Stone I 1
(Event)Middle-grade Pet Box Summon Stone 1
(Event) Character Card Box III 1
Veteran G EXP Card 5
Expert G EXP Card 3
(Event)Medal of Honor A 2
(Event)Medal of Honor B 2
(Event)Total status ampoule Ampule 1
(Event)Enhanced Health Generator 1
(Event) HP Increase Potion 20000 1
(Event) SP Increase Potion 1000 1
(Event)Soul Crystal 1
(Event) Enhanced Enchant Sedative 1
(Event) Socket Processing Tranquilizer 1
(Event) Melee Enhance Ampule (1MCC) 1
(Event) Shooting Enhance Ampule (1MCC) 1
(Event) Magic Enhance Ampule (1MCC) 1
Tribe Ampule- Wildlife 1
Tribe Ampule- Lifeless 1
Tribe Ampule- Demon 1
Tribe Ampule- Undead 1
Tribe Ampule- Human 1
Mechanical Soldier's Screw 1
Magical Rose 1
Titanium Alloys 1
Bloody Tooth 1
Bloody Nail 1
Dead Man's Leg Bone 1
First Hunting Spoils 1
Amaranthine Rose 1
Vampire's Heart 1
Moon Piece 1
Complicated Part 1
Complicated Machine 1
Devil's Heart 1
Eagle's Eyeball 1
Steel Shell 1
Smelted Steel 1
Oblivion Doll's Clockwork 1
(Event)Portable Steel Bullet Box(1 day) 1
(Event)Portable Steel Bolt Box(1 day) 1
(Event)Portable Full Metal Shell Box(1 day) 1
(Event)Portable Large Caliber Bullet Box(1 day) 1
(Event)Portable Elemental Sphere Box(1 day) 1

Ah! Pioneer families~

Ludin, Leonele, Zaved, Aclla, Aisha and Lada are wearing Hanbok(Korean Traditional Clothes).
They sent the picture, as they wanted to say New Year's Greeting to you~~
Let's look at the cute characters in Hanbok!!

GEEU families~

Have fun with Tteokguk event and Happy New Year!!!♡