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    [GEEU] Patch and Maintenance Notice - (08:00~11:00 CST, 4th of February 2020)

    Dear GEEU Fans,

    On 4th of February 2020 Tomorrow, GEEU Game Server will be down for the patch and maintenance like below.

    - GEEU game server down: From 08:00 till 11:00 (CST)

    [Event Contents]

    1. Ingame Letizia Box Event will be finished.

    2. 2020 New Year Event will be finished.

    3. Violet Armor Event will be finished.

    4. 2020 February Lyndon Box Event will be started during 2 weeks !!

    5. Heryan's Episode Event will be started during 3 weeks !!

    6. Lunar New Year Event will be started during 2 weeks !!

    7. Violet's Accessory Shop Event will be started during 4 weeks !!

    We prepared many events this week and hope people to enjoy much !!
    Now we are trying to have updates but there is some issue with Dev.
    We will update the situation soon !!


    Team EuroGameZ

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    May 2017
    btw are those free 1 day accessories gonna be deleted tomorrow?

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    Oct 2017
    animation.ipf missing

    cannot play

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    Dear Horvat,

    Please send ticket with screenshot of error message.
    We will upload the updated animation.ipf and will leave the link here soon.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Bad drop rate for accessory event items, even on map with mob lvl 141

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    Oct 2017
    when will link be available?

    ticket sent 2 hours ago

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    increase the chance of dropping an event item

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    Dear All,

    If you have problem on animation.ipf, please download below file.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Eu team pls fix Heyran, her skill "Dogde" Says "Evade" all shooting attack but it's not. without she's kinda useless since that's her strength lol.

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