Sigh. Last post, because we wont reach an agreement here, you just refuse to see my point.
To clarify AGAIN, maybe you read it if I write it for a 3rd time.
Im asking everyone to hold back for a moment, think it through and be patient. My original post was about all the people who went off with phrases like "Im never ever going to buy anything here ever again and Im going to quit instantly". On those, I bet, 99% lied, they wont quit, and they WILL buy stuff again. Im just entirely tired of seeing bs posts like that - and that IS dramaqueen attitude.
Also. With no word at all I said gamechangers should be sold like they were - just the opposite, actually. I said, gamechanger items, such as weapons or accessories should NEVER be given out like that.

Despite, I also said that an answer (= explaining the situation) from GMs might be nice, but to expect actions, its too early yet. Actions now would just be rash, without hearing all sides and maybe forgetting details. That would just not do the entire topic any good, so lets give it some time.

And again, please abstain from trying to quiet me down because I "dont understand the gravity of the situation". I do, as I tried to explain multiple times already, just because I dont agree to your little point of view, this doesnt mean I dont understand whats going on. I chose not to pvp here, because GE pvp has lost a shtload of quality nowadays, its just not fun anymore. But that means, I DID pvp in the past, I KNOW FULL WELL what even tiny adjustments can do, much less big ones. Stop belittling me and all who chose not to pvp here. We also pay our share to help the server stay alive. Thank you.