Lisa's Sweet Chocolate

GEEU Families~ Hello~
I'm glad to inform you of [Lisa's Sweet Chocolate] event. ๑❤‿❤๑

★ Period: 25.02.2020 after MT ~ 10.03.2020 before MT

Guys! You know?
Lisa decided to sell chocolates for Valentines Day!

She came from Coimbra to here Reboldoeux.
Please, help her.
The way is too easy!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Collect Fresh Cabosse, Chocolate ingredient by 50 and bring them to Lisa!

(Fresh Cabosse can be obtained by clearing Rank Mission or through Field Hunt.)
▶ Bring Fresh Cabosse x50 and get 'Lisa's Special Chocolate' in return.
▶ Present Lisa's Special Chocolate to NPCs near the Reboldoeux fountain. Then, you can receive 'Rose'/(Event)Steroid Potion x1 or 'Rose'/(Event)Principal Ampoule x2.

In addition, the rewards become different according to the relationship between the event NPC and the leader character!
Please, check the following details!!
* Make a conversation with a hostile character as the leader : Favor Rate +30 / Daily Rewards : Rose x16
* Make a conversation with a favorable character as the leader : Favor Rate +40 / Daily Rewards : Rose x24
* Make a conversation with a normal character as the leader : Favor Rate +35 / Daily Rewards : Rose x20
※ Favor Rate reaches 100, you can receive Rose x60 'Valentine Costume Coupon' x1.

Pioneer families! Are you curious of Hostile or Favorable?
Please check the followings!!!

NPC Relationship Leader Character
Anis Favorable Sirius
Anis Favorable Lora
Anis Favorable Berthe and Charles, Snowflake Berthe and Charles
Anis Hostile Navas
Sierra Favorable Nena
Sierra Favorable Leona, Code Name L
Sierra Hostile Sharon
Catherine Favorable Marie
Catherine Favorable Jaina
Catherine Favorable Catherine (STR/DEX/INT/Doll)
Catherine Hostile Montoro, Snowflake Montoro
Cannon Shooter Claire Favorable Claude, Battlefield Claude
Cannon Shooter Claire Favorable Claire, Cutie Claire
Cannon Shooter Claire Favorable Grandma. Grandies, Queen of Pioneer Grandma
Ion Favorable Catherine Torshe
Ion Favorable Catherine (STR/DEX/INT/Summon)
Ion Hostile Leona, Code Name L
Sirius Favorable Anis
Sirius Hostile Navas

Let's check the following to exchange items~ ♪

▶ Rose Shop
Item Name Needed Rose Max Purchase Quantity
(Event)Enchant Chip Veteran 1 200
(Event)Enchant Chip Expert 2 80
(Event)Enchant Chip Master 4 40
Pet Food 5 40
(Event)Franpearl Ampoule 10 -
(Event)Steroid Potion 15 -
(Event)Triumph Potion 15 -

▶ Valentine Costume Coupon Shop
Item Name Needed Coupon Max Purchase Quantity
(Event)Anis Natural Hair 1 1
(Event)Snowfield Witch Hat 1 1
(Event)Belle De Jour Hair 1 1
(Event)Cannon Shooter Claire Hair 1 1
(Event)Ion Capitaine Hair 1 1
(Event)Sirius Short Hair 1 1
(Event)Anis School Look 2 1
(Event)Snowfield Witch Costume 2 1
(Event)Belle De Jour Costume 2 1
(Event)Cannon Shooter Claire School Look 2 1
(Event)Ion Capitaine Costume 2 1
(Event)Sirius School Look 2 1
Rose 1 4

We hope you will have much fun with Lisa's Sweet Chocolate event!!♡

Thank you!