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    [GEEU] Patch and Maintenance Notice - (08:00~11:00 CST, 3rd of March 2020)

    Dear GEEU Fans,

    On 3rd of March 2020 Tomorrow, GEEU Game Server will be down for the patch and maintenance like below.

    - GEEU game server down: From 08:00 till 11:00 (CST)

    [Patch Contents]

    1. 2020 March Lyndon Box Event will be started during 2 weeks.

    2. Chungha's Episode Event will be started during 2 weeks.

    We will make an announcement for the situation this week.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    No event bugfixes? Trying to delay announcement til you can sell Lyndon Box?
    Heard Monty ring went from 500eur to sub-100eur. I wonder what that indicates hmmmm.

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    Please answer the support tickets I have sent, it's been a week.

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    TFW GEEU, in the year of 2020, is using the Pony Express to deliver their statement.

    ( ( ( WHEN IS THE NEXT PATCH ) ) )

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    can you guys check the Lag on colony war maps and Armonia EL Templo, was pretty bad last week zzzz

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    So disappointed. BS! It should be ANNOUNCEMENT/EXPLANATION OF THE SITUATION first before anything else. NOT Updates. NOT LB. NOT Events. ADDRESS YOUR PLAYERS CONCERNS FFS!

    And whats with the recent lags? whats with the bugs in events? whats with some channels/maps inaccessible during CW??? No more Quality Assurance? No more care? Takes forever to get your acks and replies on these matters but when asked how much this and that you insta reply. Just great.

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    At least in old sGE they got a 1EGC event for the last Lyndon Box. This is just a milk to the last drop scam lol.

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    hopes the best for Geeu, hoping that the announcement is not about surrendering their server to greed IMC steam. hopes the announcement is about recalling all selled items and atleast give temporary banning for all players who bought from GM cos its violating your contract with imc plus rekt server balance.

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    Finally I thought you guys were simply waiting for the issue to fade out. The weeks it took to make this announcement better be worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzuyen View Post
    Heard Monty ring went from 500eur to sub-100eur. I wonder what that indicates hmmmm.
    No wonder last cw, some became thicker. Now instead of stopping all direct selling and giving us an explaination, they sell more aggressively. They should just removed whatever they have sold and refund those peeps and gave us assurance that this will never happen again to gain the confidence of the rest of the peeps in the server.

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