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    [Edit][GEEU] Patch and Maintenance Notice - (08:00~11:00 CST, 10th of March 2020)

    Dear GEEU Fans,

    On 10th of March 2020 Tomorrow, GEEU Game Server will be down for the patch and maintenance like below.

    - GEEU game server down: From 08:00 till 15:40 (CST)

    Machine problem fixed and server reopened at 15:40.

    [Patch Contents]

    1. 14th Anniversary Event finished

    2. Lisa's Chocolate Event finished.

    Sorry about the bad situation recently and here we are doing some official comments for GEEU players.
    Things are tough but we will keep trying things for players and company at the same time.

    1. Dev company want to stop the service without no reason and very stubborn.

    2. We tried so much to maintain the service so far with changing contract condition or something but all denied.

    3. We suggested at least user data transfer but they also denied too. They want just to close this server.

    4. We cannot accept the data deletion situation and decide to keep running the server even though the new update delaying or event delaying.

    5. We will keep trying to maintain the service until no player or no server for this game and will keep trying to discuss with Dev company and even with legal ways.

    6. For maintaining the current service, we need to sell items for sales for the costs and hope people to understand our situation. It will be expensive and not that easy and will always consider the in-game currency situation and the mood.

    7. One thing we promise that we will not delete the user data and make people to keep playing this game in our server or other server in the future.

    We deeply feel sorry about that not-smooth situation but we will keep trying to provide better playing situation for you all GEEU players and the server will not be closed until no players.

    Thank you
    Team EuroGameZ

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    Thank you Team EuroGameZ for fighting for your players will to play and stay on this server. Some may say bad things against you but still, there are more and more reasons for the server to operate.
    I'm 2 hands up for the whole team for these decisions. Expect us to be more loyal and keep helping the server to stay alive by spending in any cost that would help us all.

    Zephyrus ^^

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    If hanbiton will contribute to close this server they will kill GE as project
    GEEU the most populated english-speaking server
    The only one true Phantomhive in GE


    Durkheim family at Ferruccio

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    Just set up/ open a legit webshop, instead of the shady transactions with GMs...

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    IMC is a pig greedy and want to monetize personal GE

    They try to remove from game all f2p content
    see the scar(nerf) or collection cards
    GEEU still best GE server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gradius View Post
    Just set up/ open a legit webshop, instead of the shady transactions with GMs...

    quite hard cause some people want it customized

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    i suspect its because of this

    mobile game screwed the market

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    Just set up/ open a legit webshop, instead of the shady transactions with GMs...

    I don't understand why if you're having monetary problems to keep the server afloat, that you decided to resort to private dealings? why didn't you open up web shop options and made this announcement in the first place since you had full control? A previous comment from you people also said there are some things IMC won't allow that's why you don't put newer characters in sales events, yet here we are.

    The only good thing about this is now GM bought items can't be sold for more than what it is worth. Don't give that BS about caring for the economy, you don't know the current prices of items/characters cause if you did you wouldn't have done this. Keep it real at least, the lies are gross.

    PS. you would've earned more from whales if you let them gamble in lyndons and letizias LIKE EVERYONE ELSE then sell it for vis then buy items, but you fcked that up as well.

    PSS. Selling account~

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    when the rmt thieves are still spamming rebo chat and, despite asked, you have never explained why they have been allowed for years to rip you off, the financial related points you have made simply do not sound logical.

    to convince people, you should at least start by stopping those thieves, otherwise explain.

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    Big surprise they don't want this server's data you corrupted it with GM items LOOOL after they purged their servers with rmters and gold sellers you think they would want trash players.

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