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    [GEEU] Patch and Maintenance Notice - (08:00~11:00 CST, 17th of March 2020)

    Dear GEEU Fans,

    On 17th of March 2020 Tomorrow, GEEU Game Server will be down for the patch and maintenance like below.

    - GEEU game server down: From 08:00 till 11:00 (CST)

    [Patch Contents]

    1. Lyndon Event will be finished.

    2. Chungha Episode Event will be finished.
    (The bugged item will be replaced with Event Sacred Character Card box and it will take some time after server open for checking and providing)

    We will try more to make some stable situation.

    Thank you
    Team EuroGameZ

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    dont forget the chungha artifact pls. thx

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    Most important artifact

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    Dear All,

    Server open is taking some time and will be opened around 10 minutes later.
    We will hurry up!

    Chungha Event bug rewards all provided and please check.

    Thank you
    Team EuroGameZ

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    Since you are in a bad financial situation, can we expect more/latest character packages?

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    It would also be an option to add more characters to Lucky Letizia shop to encourage players to try for them. Anything legal/fair to increase the income would help at this point, I guess. Shadowy selling cards/items via direct GM contacts would just damage the reputation any further.

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