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    Sad, no purple kiss. No MSB nerf tho cause no more updates~

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    thanks nior for keeping this server alive

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    they dont care, they dont cry, but keeps barking in forum? geez weird people. *facepalm*

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    thanks Nior for keeping the server alive... buy more so that GM can buy updates and etc...Im happy for milking the server keep up... so that players will stay long ...

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    Bugged Chest Reward Weekend..

    What happen this server everytime weekend got bug chest reward.!!

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    Sugestion! Maybe players return if game get better and less gamble

    Fix wekeend bug !

    Put all characters for sale on site

    Put all costumes for sale on site

    Put all artefacts/medals for sale on site
    GEEU still best GE server

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    Hi GM!
    Currently, players are very worried about the status of the server. New updates, roulette bugs every weekend.

    1/ Me and the players really want to know. GMs confidently negotiate successfully with the IMC over a license renewal contract and purchase new updates for GE EU?

    Roulette bugs every weekend has been going on for 3 consecutive weeks. While the GMs have promised

    We are sorry about the problem and now we are checking it again.
    We will fix it before next weekend and will make it not happened again.

    Team EuroGameZ
    Such a situation made the game much more gloomy and worse.

    For my part, I always hope GMs can maintain GEEU in the long term and develop more. A part of GEEU has worked very well over the years, becoming the most rewarding server available today. Part of GEEU is home to the best English speaking player community.
    ~ Satis Faction ~

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    Dear All,

    We are sorry about the situation but the weekend box open problem is a bit difficult to fix at the moment.
    We will keep trying to fix things and try to make the server stable.

    Team EuroGameZ

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