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    2020 GEEU Loading Image Contest Event !!

    Dear All GEEU Fans,

    We are starting 2020 Loading Image Contest and please check below details and enjoy the event.


    Event Period: 24.03.2020 ~ 30.04.2020

    Announcement of Winners: 07.05.2020

    - The original file(psd) submission period for the winners: 07.05.2020 ~ 14.05.2020
    - Email to: (Winners only)
    - Reward provided on 14th of May 2020 and the souvenir will be sent.

    [How to join]

    - Please show your image to Forum / 'Screenshots, Artworks & Videos' with the title [Loading Image Contest] with the image link.
    - The title, [Loading Image Contest] should be included to participate the event normally.

    [Application Forms]

    - No matter with 'Illust' or 'Screenshot', applicants need to submit 1920x1080 and 1600x1200, two size for one image.
    - Applicants can submit many of works. If the prize was duplicated, the reward will be applied at a time only to the high level of prize.


    1st place: 1 person
    - GE Souvenir
    - 30,000 EG Cash
    - Loading Image Contest Medal x 1

    2nd place: 2 people
    - GE Souvenir
    - 10,000 EGC
    - Loading Image Contest Medal x 1

    3rd place: 5 people
    - 5,000 EG Cash
    - Loading Image Contest Medal x 1


    - If you win the event, you need to send the original(psd) file, please keep the original file.
    - The prize rewards will be given to only the winners who send the original file during the original submission period.
    - The copyright of the works will belong to Eurogamez.
    - When the works be added to the game, the family name will be applied and the image can be changed a little in a certain situation.
    - The applied image can be changed without a notice in the future.
    - If you pirate other's work, you may get a disadvantage or can be punished by a law, the company will not have any responsibility of the issue.
    - If it is revealed that the winner pirated someone's works, the rewards can be recalled.
    - Tip: When you take a screenshot, if you store it with 'png' or 'bmp', then you may get the high qulity one.
    - If there was lack of participants or some other internal issue, the number of winners can be reduced or the event condition can be changed.

    Thank you,
    Team EuroGameZ

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    Serious Question: Is the GE Souvenir... an a-artbook?

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    For some reason I though contest untill 15.05. Why? Lost in isolation time lol.

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